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Flogging dead horses

flogging.jpgWe all see the statistics associated with project failure. For instance, according to a study by Gartner, almost 40% percent of IT projects fail or are abandoned before completion. Most project managers are afraid of being labeled as quitters or failures. Perhaps it takes more courage to admit that your project is a failure than to accept it (with no choice) when you finally walk over the cliff’s edge. Let’s be frank, continuing with a hopeless project is like flogging a dead horse …and wasting huge amounts of money in the process. It doesn’t make very smart business sense does it. Read the rest of this entry »

62 tips for consulting success

michael-mclaughlin.jpgIf you’re an independent consultant, you constantly need to have your ear to the ground and know how to market yourself. Having a skill to sell is simply not enough. I’ve always enjoyed the marketing challenge, and learning new ways to sell myself and in fact I had a sales and marketing career before entering the IT world. Read the rest of this entry »

Work-life balance

work-life.jpgIf you’re one of the many whose narrowed view of life consists primarily of work and sleep, perhaps it’s time to step back, take a good look at yourself and ‘get a life’.

I find it very sad when I see people devoting virtually all their time to the company they work at. Come on, what sort of life is that? Is that really a life? Read the rest of this entry »

Risk management culture

risk.jpgMost well run organisations will have risk managed at four distinct levels which are; Corporate/Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational. To do this effectively, a framework for managing risk needs to be designed and implemented to address the following:
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Managing yourself and others

meeting.jpgAll managers have a team to manage but all managers have themelves to manage too. It’s tough being a manager. You need to get through the day getting your own work done and looking out for your team. As managers move further up the ladder, they receive less mentoring and training. Read the rest of this entry »

How’s your CV looking?

cv.jpgI’ve been recruiting quite a few PMs for a couple of clients recently and so I’ve had literally hundreds of PM CVs pour in. Now some of these CVs are very good indeed, but note I say ‘some’. If anyone is looking for a change in career, a shift up gear, in a current or new organisation, they need to spend time (real time) on creating a CV that will make them stand out amongst the others, because in the job market the CV is the sales brochure. Read the rest of this entry »